Guitar Strings

* Over 18 years experience teaching students of all ability levels
* Proven teaching success with award winning students
* Great with kids and students of all ages
* Regular opportunities to perform



A solid basic foundation of classical guitar technique

including scales, arpeggios, intervals, and technical etudes

Appropriate musical studies: the standard concert repertoire, 

students favorite songs and other traditional genres

All levels of music theory

Elementary to advanced improvisation techniques

Music appreciation: Exposure to and the value of music,

lessons on "active" music listening and dynamics

Insight into being accepted into art schools and collegiate guitar programs

Audition preparation

Excellence on the instrument


2 years with Eric as my guitar teacher... any shortcomings in my playing are on me. Every session has been excellent. He works hard to teach ME what I Want to learn, he finds new ways to explain things I’m slow to grasp, while never ever making me feel like I’m not doing things well enough. I HATE when I have to miss a lesson. You can’t go wrong spending time with with Eric, with or without a guitar. Do It!  -Patrick Boyle

I have had several lessons with Eric over the past year and I couldn’t be happier. He is super knowledgeable and took extra time to help me find what worked for me. If you are looking for a fun teacher that takes extra time to make sure that your learning correctly and enjoying yourself I recommend this place. Thanks Eric. -Ben Fischer

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